The Service Page

Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?
In a society and university where all is well and most people are not in emotional, physical, or social distress, it is easy for us to forget the ongoing disasters in the world around us. This webpage is to help people find ways to serve those in need.

The following are three programs to facilitate service:

  1. Precious Plastics
  2. Operation Underground Railroad
  3. Global Citizen

Precious Plastics

Every year, there are millions of tons of waste deposited in our dumps, recreation, and wilderness. With these home-made machines designed by the guys from Precious Plastics, we can all reduce waste and contribute to a clearner world.

Operation Underground Railroad

Human trafficking, or modern slaver, is the largest growing criminal industry in the world. Whether it be sex, labor, or even organ trafficking, over 40 million people are caught in it right now. Operation Underground Railroad is a Utah-based organization that rescues children from slavery all around the world, and they always need more support in their valiant cause.

Global Citizen

In order to help in the world, it is important to be in the loop on news in the service community. Global Citizen is an excelent place to stay up-to-date on events and issues around the world.